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VACPN Years of Service List

Updated in April 2017

5 Years

10 Years

15 Years

20 Years

25 Years

30 Years

Pamela Clifton

Aljune Lee

Donna Horan*

Joanne Archie*

Allison O'Brien*

Sharon Daniels*

Crystal Hicks*

Jen Phelps* 

Lisa Babilon*

Jan Puffenberger*



Rebecca Jenkins

*Cheryl Zellmer

Irma Mahone*

Alic'e Robinson

Kirk Morton*

Mable Williams

Louise Pesnicak*

Marina Sinyard

*Denotes members who have held a VACPN office

2022-2023 Member List

as of Member Payment for Fall 2022 Conference & after:

Deirdre Ramirez*

Hayley McMichael*

Louise Pesnicak*

Angela Harris-Bonner*

Sara Otey*

Adriana Jones**

Brandi Downing**

Jason Hash**

Jonathan Haskins***

Nina Beaman

Terrylynne A Ramsey

Donna Jarvis

Vicki Bierman

Mary Harper

Yusuf Enum

Leah Geeston-Enum

Mary Harper "Wendy"

Lisa Babilon

Edie Fix

Lindsay Moffett

Maylen Perez Diaz

Dana Moore

Alic’e H. Robinson

Daryl Vasquez

Bierman Victoria

Louise Pesnicak

Jennifer Rosenberg

Charles McDonough

Deirdre Rea

Kem Puryear

Nina Hall

* Membership Payment Due: February 2023

** Membership Payment Due: August 2023

*** Membership Payment Due: September 2023

2021-2022 Member List

as of Member Payment for Fall 2021 Conference & after:

Lisa Babilon

Nina Beaman

Joann Berkson

Cathleen Fleming

Grindl Haney

Charles McDonough

Hayley McMichael

Lindsay Moffett

Elizabeth Moonan

Dana Moore

Kem Puryear

Deirdre Ramirez

Kim Revis

Pilar Vigil

Joanna Wade

Letitia Wallace

Hazelynn White