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VACPN Secretary's Report 8/4/17

Posted on November 4, 2017 at 12:39 PM
VACPN Executive Business Meeting Minutes
Secretary’s Report

Valley CSB
August 4, 2017 10 AM to 2 PM

Meeting Facilitators: Jen Phelps/Crystal Hicks/Lisa Babilon, VACPN Co-Presidents
Jen Phelps, Co-President; Sharon Daniels, Vice President; Nina Beaman, CNE Coordinator; Lisa Babilon, Co-President; Michele Morgan, incoming Secretary/Social Media Specialist; Jan Puffenberger, Region I Rep; LuAnn Saner, outgoing Secretary; Angela Harris, Region IV Alternate Rep

·  10:00 AM: Call to order – Lisa made the call to order
·  Induction of new officers – Lisa Babilon & Jen Phelps, Co-Presidents; Michele
    Morgan- Secretary; Crystal Hicks- Social Media Specialist
              ·  Crystal is no longer able to be Social Media Specialist, Michele will
                 continue these duties with assistance from Jen
·  Approval of minutes from last meeting
a)     Secretary’s Report
       *Motion to accept – Sharon made a motion to accept, Nina seconded – all in 
        favor, none opposed
b)    Treasurer’s Report
       *Motion to accept – Lisa made a motion to accept, Nina seconded – all in favor,
        none opposed
·  Old Business
a)     Fall Conference 2017 Review
                 Confirm speakers, drug rep vendors, and Thursday night dinner 
                 sponsor.  Conference cost: $125.00.  $79.00 plus tax for hotel room. 
                 Deadline for registration is 9/28/17.
b)    Fall 2017 Speakers
            - Dr. Jaime Bamford - Developmental impact of drug addiction with the child
            - Jennifer Hudson- impact on addiction and pregnant women, and drug     
              dependent babies
            - Sara Jennings, sexual assault nurse examiner - impact of drug addiction
              and sexual assault
c)     Dinner sponsored by Janssen (David Dort).  Location: Giovanni's Pasta Pizza
        Palace, 2006 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.  Speaker: Kent
        McDaniel (see flyer).  Attendees must register for dinner separately by

·      VBON – Jen Phelps
·      Jen was recently reappointed to the BON.  She shared that they are currently
       looking to fill two LPN seats.

·      VACSB– Sharon Daniels
·      Sharon went to the VACSB spring conference in May and represented VACPN. 
·      Discussed conversation about needing to focus more on what we do well versus
       what is not being done in CSBs. 
·      Discussed ARTS, OBOTS, and many issues surrounding opioid abuse.
·      Most long-acting injectables through Medicaid are now available as point-
       of-sale through pharmacies (effective 7/1/17).
·      Workforce shortage is a big issue at state facilities.
·      CCC Plus – new statewide Medicaid managed care program
·      Same-day access and Just-in-Time Scheduling for Prescribers
·      VACSB Public Policy Conference – October 2017 in Williamsburg

·      LCVN – Lisa Babilon: No new updates

·      Social Media – Michele Morgan: No new updates

·      NIMH – JoAnn Berkson: No new updates

·      VNA – Nina Beaman:  VNA is having a nurse staffing summit in September 
       15-16, 2017 in Richmond and a legislative summit on November 14, 2017 in

·      CNEs – Nina Beaman

·      Regional Rep: No new updates

·  New Business
·  Spring Conference location 2018 is Shrine Mont – will be held April 18, 19, and 20,
   2017.  Jan is coordinating the conference and has spoken with Donna at Shrine
   Mont who will put our contract together in the fall.
·  Spring 2018 Planning 
       a)     We will focus the Spring Conference on sexual addiction and treatment - 
               identifying potential victims and predators, a speaker to discuss
               victimology, and someone from the ID field to address sexual addiction or
               abuse or acting out behaviors within the ID population and how our ID
               nurses can best address these issues.  We are trying to do a better job of
               providing programming for our ID nurse population. 
       b)     Tentative conference title: “Sex and the Commonwealth”
       c)     Conference outcome: The nurse will be able to identify problematic 
               sexual behaviors and their impact on families and society.
       d)     Friday morning speaker: Dr. Robert Gardella is confirmed to speak – can 
               do a case review (someone with sex offense history) and cover overall
               “risk assessment and management” and some of the med treatment for
               sex offenders.
       e)      Thursday speaker: Jeff Wilder from CVTC has been confirmed to speak
                about sexual behaviors/acting out and issues within the ID population
       f)      Thursday speaker: We have a Sex Offender Therapist who will speak on
                treatment programs and groups and resources within the CSB and
                community setting.
       g)     We are planning to reach out to Dr. Evan Nelson who has done a lot of
               outpatient sex offender evaluations (“300”) to discuss victimology.
       h)     We would like to have a forensic nurse speak and join the panel
               discussion about identifying a victim and how to guide them through the  
               process of reporting.  Nina will see if she can contact a Sexual Assault
               Nurse Examiner.
       i)      Keynote speaker on Thursday: From NAMI?– Angela will try to find a
               contact for this.
       j)      Alkermes (Aristada & Vivitrol) to sponsor dinner/reception
                        - Instead of a sponsored dinner (since dinner is included in Shrine
                          Mont cost), we will ask the sponsor if they can do a wine/dessert
                          reception after dinner.
       k)    Add a mindfulness/self-care activity to Thursday night at Spring
              Conference (7 PM to 8 PM?)
                        - Ideas: paint night, yoga meditation, dancing, speaker on self-care
                        - Jen can do a paint night event (these should be hour sessions)
                        - Marina could possibly take a group for a hike
                        - Jen has a Family Feud game that would be a great icebreaker
                        - Possibly have yoga in the morning before breakfast?
·      Update website: conference registration is now open on our website
·      Consider making Regional Reps responsible for keeping a list of drug rep
       vendors and reaching out before each conference event
·      Michele will add a “Program List “section on the registration forms for each
       conference to track and make e-mail lists for Programs ex. Outpatient, PACT,
       CS, etc.
·      Fall Location for 2018?
                        - Craddock Terry has offered to host us again
                        - LuAnn will look into possible conference locations in Old Town
                          Alexandria and Reston
·      Consider increasing vendor fee for next year?
·  Adjournment – 2:00 PM

Minutes submitted by Michele Morgan, RN, BSN, VACPN Secretary

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