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Home Health, Hospice and CMH 10.30.14

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 9:45 AM
Through our contacts at LCVN, the Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice asked me to do a conference call on the importance and benefits for home health / hospice nurses to engage in continuing education with respect to community psychiatric nursing.
So I attached a rough outline to start as far as talking points for the call.  If you all could take a look and let me know if you have anything to add.
Thanks, Lisa
Home Health, Hospice and Community Mental Health
Three Peas in a Pod
v  Need to be equipped.  We are all are on the front lines.  You have the potential to work with mental illness in a variety of ways.
Ø  Your patient themselves may be a current recipient of mental health services.
Ø  Your patient may be an untreated individual in need of mental health services.
Ø  Stress Threshold.  Given the stress that comes with the need for home health care or hospice, an individual’s coping mechanisms and resilience could potentially be overtaxed, contributing to either a first break or a relapse of a psychiatric illness.
Ø  There may be a family member / caregiver living with your patient who is being treated for mental illness or in need of mental health services.  The latter is more likely.  A great deal of stigma remains with mental illness, and frequently the family system can remain closed because of this.
v  Continuing Education Benefits
Ø  Contributes to the arsenal in your tool box in the work that you already do, in terms of building coping mechanisms and resilience.
Ø  Learn resources to link your patients and families / caregivers to when needed.
v  Continuing Education Resources
Ø  VACPN conferences with CNE (

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