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Substance Use Disorders: Women, Pregnancy, and the Family

Posted on January 23, 2018 at 3:13 PM Comments comments (391)

Please see the below attachment for the presentation by Jennifer Hudson, MS, CAADC, about Substance Use Disorders from our Fall 2017 Conference.

Presentation from Dr. Bamford's Presentation on Substance Use and the Impact on Children and Adolescents

Posted on November 13, 2017 at 10:01 AM Comments comments (495)
Please see the PowerPoint attachment for Dr. Jaime Bamford's presentation at our Fall 2017 Conference.  Her topic was Substance Use and the Impact on Children and Adolescents.

VACPN Treasurer's Report 11/1/17

Posted on November 4, 2017 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (7286)
Submitted by Sonya Mohr, RN VACPN Treasurer

DATE           COMMENT             EXPENSE             INCOME                     BALANCE

05/31/17   Balance Forward                                                                 $6212.47                                                                                        
06/16/17   VistaPrint                   -27.95                                               $6184.52
06/30/17   Suntrust                     -20.00                                              $6164.52
                (Maintenance Fee)
07/17/17   VistaPrint                   -27.95                                               $6136.57
07/31/17   Suntrust                     -20.00                                               $6116.57
                (Maintenance Fee)
08/16/17   VistaPrint                    -27.95                                               $6088.62
08/31/17   Suntrust                      -20.00                                              $6068.62
               (Maintenance Fee)
09/14/17   VACSB                       -425.00                                              $5643.62
               (Conference Sharon D. attends)
09/18/17   VistaPrint                    -27.95                                               $5615.67
09/20/17   Sharon Daniels            -90.02                                               $5525.65
               (Reimbursement for lunch for Ex. Mtg.)
09/29/17   Suntrust                     -20.00                                               $5505.65
               (Maintenance Fee)
10/05/17   Holiday Inn (Va. Beach) -475.00                                           $5030.65
               (Deposit for Fall Conference)
10/19/17   VistaPrint                     -27.95                                              $5002.70
10/31/17   Suntrust                      -20.00                                               $4982.70
                (Maintenance Fee)
10/31/17   DEPOSIT PAYPAL         +4920.94                                           $9903.64                 
               (Fall Conference)

VACPN Secretary's Report 8/4/17

Posted on November 4, 2017 at 12:39 PM Comments comments (908)
VACPN Executive Business Meeting Minutes
Secretary’s Report

Valley CSB
August 4, 2017 10 AM to 2 PM

Meeting Facilitators: Jen Phelps/Crystal Hicks/Lisa Babilon, VACPN Co-Presidents
Jen Phelps, Co-President; Sharon Daniels, Vice President; Nina Beaman, CNE Coordinator; Lisa Babilon, Co-President; Michele Morgan, incoming Secretary/Social Media Specialist; Jan Puffenberger, Region I Rep; LuAnn Saner, outgoing Secretary; Angela Harris, Region IV Alternate Rep

·  10:00 AM: Call to order – Lisa made the call to order
·  Induction of new officers – Lisa Babilon & Jen Phelps, Co-Presidents; Michele
    Morgan- Secretary; Crystal Hicks- Social Media Specialist
              ·  Crystal is no longer able to be Social Media Specialist, Michele will
                 continue these duties with assistance from Jen
·  Approval of minutes from last meeting
a)     Secretary’s Report
       *Motion to accept – Sharon made a motion to accept, Nina seconded – all in 
        favor, none opposed
b)    Treasurer’s Report
       *Motion to accept – Lisa made a motion to accept, Nina seconded – all in favor,
        none opposed
·  Old Business
a)     Fall Conference 2017 Review
                 Confirm speakers, drug rep vendors, and Thursday night dinner 
                 sponsor.  Conference cost: $125.00.  $79.00 plus tax for hotel room. 
                 Deadline for registration is 9/28/17.
b)    Fall 2017 Speakers
            - Dr. Jaime Bamford - Developmental impact of drug addiction with the child
            - Jennifer Hudson- impact on addiction and pregnant women, and drug     
              dependent babies
            - Sara Jennings, sexual assault nurse examiner - impact of drug addiction
              and sexual assault
c)     Dinner sponsored by Janssen (David Dort).  Location: Giovanni's Pasta Pizza
        Palace, 2006 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.  Speaker: Kent
        McDaniel (see flyer).  Attendees must register for dinner separately by

·      VBON – Jen Phelps
·      Jen was recently reappointed to the BON.  She shared that they are currently
       looking to fill two LPN seats.

·      VACSB– Sharon Daniels
·      Sharon went to the VACSB spring conference in May and represented VACPN. 
·      Discussed conversation about needing to focus more on what we do well versus
       what is not being done in CSBs. 
·      Discussed ARTS, OBOTS, and many issues surrounding opioid abuse.
·      Most long-acting injectables through Medicaid are now available as point-
       of-sale through pharmacies (effective 7/1/17).
·      Workforce shortage is a big issue at state facilities.
·      CCC Plus – new statewide Medicaid managed care program
·      Same-day access and Just-in-Time Scheduling for Prescribers
·      VACSB Public Policy Conference – October 2017 in Williamsburg

·      LCVN – Lisa Babilon: No new updates

·      Social Media – Michele Morgan: No new updates

·      NIMH – JoAnn Berkson: No new updates

·      VNA – Nina Beaman:  VNA is having a nurse staffing summit in September 
       15-16, 2017 in Richmond and a legislative summit on November 14, 2017 in

·      CNEs – Nina Beaman

·      Regional Rep: No new updates

·  New Business
·  Spring Conference location 2018 is Shrine Mont – will be held April 18, 19, and 20,
   2017.  Jan is coordinating the conference and has spoken with Donna at Shrine
   Mont who will put our contract together in the fall.
·  Spring 2018 Planning 
       a)     We will focus the Spring Conference on sexual addiction and treatment - 
               identifying potential victims and predators, a speaker to discuss
               victimology, and someone from the ID field to address sexual addiction or
               abuse or acting out behaviors within the ID population and how our ID
               nurses can best address these issues.  We are trying to do a better job of
               providing programming for our ID nurse population. 
       b)     Tentative conference title: “Sex and the Commonwealth”
       c)     Conference outcome: The nurse will be able to identify problematic 
               sexual behaviors and their impact on families and society.
       d)     Friday morning speaker: Dr. Robert Gardella is confirmed to speak – can 
               do a case review (someone with sex offense history) and cover overall
               “risk assessment and management” and some of the med treatment for
               sex offenders.
       e)      Thursday speaker: Jeff Wilder from CVTC has been confirmed to speak
                about sexual behaviors/acting out and issues within the ID population
       f)      Thursday speaker: We have a Sex Offender Therapist who will speak on
                treatment programs and groups and resources within the CSB and
                community setting.
       g)     We are planning to reach out to Dr. Evan Nelson who has done a lot of
               outpatient sex offender evaluations (“300”) to discuss victimology.
       h)     We would like to have a forensic nurse speak and join the panel
               discussion about identifying a victim and how to guide them through the  
               process of reporting.  Nina will see if she can contact a Sexual Assault
               Nurse Examiner.
       i)      Keynote speaker on Thursday: From NAMI?– Angela will try to find a
               contact for this.
       j)      Alkermes (Aristada & Vivitrol) to sponsor dinner/reception
                        - Instead of a sponsored dinner (since dinner is included in Shrine
                          Mont cost), we will ask the sponsor if they can do a wine/dessert
                          reception after dinner.
       k)    Add a mindfulness/self-care activity to Thursday night at Spring
              Conference (7 PM to 8 PM?)
                        - Ideas: paint night, yoga meditation, dancing, speaker on self-care
                        - Jen can do a paint night event (these should be hour sessions)
                        - Marina could possibly take a group for a hike
                        - Jen has a Family Feud game that would be a great icebreaker
                        - Possibly have yoga in the morning before breakfast?
·      Update website: conference registration is now open on our website
·      Consider making Regional Reps responsible for keeping a list of drug rep
       vendors and reaching out before each conference event
·      Michele will add a “Program List “section on the registration forms for each
       conference to track and make e-mail lists for Programs ex. Outpatient, PACT,
       CS, etc.
·      Fall Location for 2018?
                        - Craddock Terry has offered to host us again
                        - LuAnn will look into possible conference locations in Old Town
                          Alexandria and Reston
·      Consider increasing vendor fee for next year?
·  Adjournment – 2:00 PM

Minutes submitted by Michele Morgan, RN, BSN, VACPN Secretary

Treasurer's Report 4/19/17

Posted on November 3, 2017 at 7:14 AM Comments comments (588)
Updated 6/22/17
Submitted by Sonya Mohr, RN VACPN Treasurer

DATE           COMMENT          EXPENSE            INCOME                BALANCE

9/15/16    Balance Forward                                                        $7263.34                                                                                                   
10/17/16   VistaPrint               -32.94                                          $7230.40                                                           
11/07/16   Craddock Terry     -465.06                                          $6765.34
                (Rooms for speakers - Fall Conference)      

11/07/16   Craddock Terry   -2,662.08                                          $4103.26                      
                (Cost for Fall Conference)                                              
11/16/16   VistaPrint               -27.95                                           $4075.31
11/18/16   VASSN                  -250.00                                          $3825.31                
                (Conference Sharon D. attends)
11/30/16   Suntrust                 -20.00                                          $3805.31                                                                               
12/16/16   VistaPrint                -27.95                                          $3777.36                                                           
12/21/16   DEPOSIT PayPal                              +814.57               $4591.93                           
                (Fall Conference)                                                                                
12/30/16   Suntrust                  -20.00                                        $4571.93
               (Maintenance fee)
01/04/17   DEPOSIT                                      +2070.00                $6641.93                           
                (Fall Conference)  
01/07/17   VistaPrint                 -27.95                                         $6613.98                                                                        
01/31/17   Suntrust                   -20.00                                         $6593.98                
                (Maintenance Fee)                                  
02/17/17   Meadowkirk           -2,500.00                                         $4093.98                
                (Deposit for Spring Conference)                                               
02/23/17   Sharon Daniels         -444.77                                         $3649.21                
                (Conference hotel room and regional meeting lunch)
02/23/17   Holiday Inn VA Beach -250.00                                        $3399.21                   
                (Deposit for Fall Conference)                                            
02/23/17   VistaPrint                   -27.95                                          $3371.26                                                                        
02/28/17   Suntrust                    -20.00                                          $3351.26                        
                (Maintenance Fee)                                                                 
03/08/17   VASSN                      -350.00                                         $3001.26                
               (Conference Sharon D. attends)                                                         
03/16/17  VistaPrint                    -27.95                                          $2973.31                                                                               
03/24/17   Elliott’s Florist             -40.59                                          $2932.72                                                                         
03/16/17   NFG/NAMI                 -105.00                                         $2827.72                
                (Awards for Spring Conference)                                                       
03/31/17   Suntrust                      -20.00                                         $2807.72                
               (Maintenance Fee)                                                            
04/14/17  DEPOSIT from PayPal                    +1725.72                    $4533.44
               (Spring Conference)
03/16/17   VistaPrint                    -27.95                                         $2973.31                                                                            
04/19/17   DEPOSIT                                     +3275.00                    $7808.44                
                (Spring Conference)                                                       
04/17/17 VistaPrint                      -27.95                                         $7780.49                                                                        
04/26/17   DEPOSIT from PayPal                   +1367.67                     $9148.16
                (Spring Conference)
04/26/17   DEPOSIT                                     +2590.00                   $11,738.16
                (Spring Conference)
04/28/17  Suntrust                      -20.00                                         $11,718.16                 
                (Maintenance Fee)                                         
05/15/17 Meadowkirk               -5921.00                                          $5797.16
               (Final payment for Spring Conference)                                                      
05/16/17 VistaPrint                      -27.95                                           $5769.21                                                                             
05/25/17 DEPOSIT                                      +1250.00                        $7019.21
             (Spring Conference)
05/25/17 Sharon Daniels            -331.74                                            $6687.47                 
             (Conference hotel room)                                                        
05/31/17 Holiday Inn VA Beach   -475.00                                           $6,212.47
              (Deposit for Fall Conference)

Secretary's Report 4/20/17

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 1:11 PM Comments comments (574)
VACPN Spring Conference Business Meeting
April 20, 2017
Meadowkirk Delta Farm, Middleburg, VA
Attendance:  Jen Phelps, Co-President;  Crystal Hicks, Co-President;  Sharon Daniels, Vice-President; LuAnn Saner, Secretary; Sonya Mohr, Treasurer; Michele Morgan, Social Media Specialist; Irma Mahone, CNE Coordinator.
Regional representatives:
Regional Rep Coordinator:  Allison Downer O’Brien
Region I Rep:  Jan Puffenberger
Region II Rep:  Randy Acosta
Region IV Rep:  Lisa Babilon
Conference Attendees             
Jen made the call to order.
Jen noted that there wasn’t an electronic version of the report from the last executive meeting available to put up online.
After the membership reviewed the Treasurer’s report, Nina questioned the account maintenance fee being charged by SunTrust Bank.  Following review, Daryl Vazquez made a motion to accept, seconded by Bryan Graham.
Fall 2016 Post-Conference Survey:
·       Nina went over some of the comments that were made and highlighted that people really liked the presentation by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and that it was a short conference (i.e. Thursday evening through mid-afternoon Friday.)
Service Awards:
·       Jen noted that the Fairfax – Falls Church Community Services Board would be receiving an award from VACPN for their use of social media to promote mental health awareness.  They were unable to send a representative to the conference and will be receiving their award via email.
·       Thirty Years Celebration.  Jen mentioned that there would be special recognition given to those members celebrating thirty years with VACPN in honor of their commitment and dedication.
VACSB (Sharon Daniels, VACPN representative):
·       Sharon shared that one of their priorities is going to be same day access.  She also said that they will be looking at increasing services in jails and spoke briefly about ARTS, for substance abuse treatment.
·       Sharon will be attending the VACSB conference in Portsmouth, VA from May 3 – 5, 2017.  They will be discussing performance measures.  Sharon mentioned that she didn’t tend to see a lot of nurses there.  She added that because conferences are expenses, her recommendation to those interested in attending is that they select the ones that will be presenting the most information.  She also advised finding out when and where their committee meetings are being held.  Jen noted that VACSB very much wants VACPN to be represented at their meetings.
Virginia Board of Nursing (VBON) (Jen Phelps, Secretary of VBON):
·       Jen shared that a bill will be voted upon whether people identified as substance abusers be referred to treatment services.
Legislative Coalition of Virginia Nurses (LCVN) (Lisa Babilon, VACPN representative):
·       Lisa shared that they are tracking bills in the state legislature that might impact nurses and patients.  She said that there are a lot of bills pertaining to the opioid crisis.  Lisa briefly discussed HB1549 and SB1005, both of which were passed and then signed into law in March 2017.  A provision for CSBs to provide same day psychiatric evaluation to individuals served goes into effect July 1, 2019.  There is also a provision that will go into effect on July 1, 2021 for CSBs to provide core services that include mental health services for members of the military and veterans living 50 and 40 miles, respectively, from military and VA treatment facilities.  Also going into effect on July 1, 2019, are provisions to provide crisis services, psychiatric rehabilitation services, primary care screenings, and monitoring of physical health indicators and risks.
CNEs (Nina Beaman, CNE Coordinator):
·       Nina gave a preview of coming attractions.  She said that topics of specific interest to those working with ID and Youth and Family populations will be covered.  She also said that we will be doing breakout sessions by nursing sub-specialty to learn what topics are of interest for upcoming conferences.
Social Media (Michele Morgan, Social Media Coordinator):
·       Michele asked members to ‘like’ the VACPN FB page.  She said that our fan page has over 100 followers, a lot of whom are CSBs.
Regional Rep Reports:
·       Region I:  Allison reached out to members from Region I.
·       Region II:  Randy said she would be working on having a regional meeting following this conference.
·       Region III:  Nobody present to report.
·       Region IV:  Lisa reported sending out a ‘save the date’ for a regional meeting planned for June.
·       Region V:  Region V relayed some news to share.  They said that Northern Neck added a PACT team and that Newport News had expanded services, increased primary care, and hired a care coordinator.
Awards Ceremony (Jen Phelps, Co-President):
·       Jen announced to the membership that there would be a reception tonight to honor Irma and Jeanne, co-founders of VACPN.  She said that a $100 donation had been made to NAMI in their name.  Every year from now on a VACPN nurse will be selected to have a donation made in their honor.  Jen reminded the membership that we have not been receiving nominations and encouraged everyone to think about anyone who ought to be recognized.
Breakout Session Guidelines (Jen Phelps, Co-President):
·       Jen discussed things for everyone to be thinking about going into the breakout sessions.  She asked everyone to consider how to increase membership.  She also asked everyone to discuss where they would be interested to go for spring conference.  She noted that price is an issue as is getting off work for 2 1/2 days.  Jen also requested that members consider running for offices and speak with past officers and regional reps to get an understanding of the work involved.   In addition, she asked that everyone consider having a membership fee that would be collected every February.  She pointed out that it is somewhat non-existent right now, having been rolled into the fee for spring conference.
·       Jen listed the offices that would be voted upon following the breakout sessions:  Co-Presidents, CNE Coordinator, Secretary, Social Media Coordinator, Regional Rep Coordinator, and Regional Reps.  Regarding the Regional Reps, Jen asked that everyone consider whether we want to make that a 2-year term.
Reports from Breakout Sessions:
·       Region II:  Randy Acosta was elected to continue as Region II rep.  She reported that Region II expressed a general preference to return to Shrinemont for the spring 2018 conference, but maybe cutting it from 2 ½ to 1 ½ days.  She said that they had discussed having a membership drive by having members bring information about VACPN into their workplaces.  She also said that region II had discussed perhaps collecting membership fees at both the fall and the spring conference.  Jen responded that doing it in February would make it easier on the Treasurer and that collecting 25 dollars just once a year would make it easier on people financially.
·       Region I:  Jan Puffenberger was elected to continue as Region I rep.  She said that they will be holding regional meetings the third week in August and the third week in February.  She shared that Nina offered to make up a flyer about VACPN to distribute to prospective members during the upcoming Nurses’ Week in May.  Jan reported that they would be looking at other departments in the CSB besides Mental Health that have nurses, such as ID and SA, to make sure they have an opportunity to provide input on what conference offerings would be of interest to them.  She said that regarding spring conference, Region II preferred that it be 1 ½ days duration and that lodging be one night in a hotel.  She pointed out that a lot of people come to fall conference (which has traditionally been held in a hotel.)  She also said that region II recommended charging only a conference fee and having everyone arrange their hotel room on their own.  Region II agreed that collecting a membership fee each February was fine.
·       Region III:  There were no representatives present from Region III.  Jen said that she would be reaching out to Patricia Crissman, who recently lost her mother.
·       Region IV:  Lisa, the current regional rep, said that Terri was elected to be the new rep for region IV.  She reported that region IV was not in favor of reducing the number of days for the spring conference.  She also said that they did not want to go to Shrinemont, and wanted to propose Shalom House in Montpelier, VA as a possible site.  Region IV was fine with collecting membership fees in February, but also wanted to keep the option to collect them at the spring conference.
·       Region V:  Allison, the regional rep coordinator, reported for region V.  She said that Joanne Archie was elected to continue as regional rep.  Region V agreed that everyone should try to increase membership, and that adding topics of interest to ID, SA, and Child/Adolescent was a good idea.  They would like to go to Shrinemont for spring conference and keep the duration at 2 ½ days.  They are fine with collecting a membership fee in February.  They will be having the fall 2017 conference in their region.
Vote on Officers:
·       Co-Presidents:  Lisa Babilon was nominated by Sharon.  Jen Phelps was nominated by LuAnn.  Ayes were unanimous, none opposed.
·       CNE Coordinator:  Allison nominated Kirk.  Jen seconded.  Ayes were unanimous, none opposed.
·       Secretary:  Michele Morgan was nominated by LuAnn.  Jen seconded.  Ayes were unanimous, none opposed.
·       Social Media Specialist:  Crystal was nominated by Allison.  Ayes were unanimous, none opposed.
The business meeting closed with Nina reviewing the new CNE form for members to complete and turn in to receive 6 ANCC hours.  She reminded everyone that they did not need to write a dissertation, and said that brief comments would be beneficial.
The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be Friday, August 4, 2017 at 10:00 AM at Valley CSB.
Respectfully Submitted, LuAnn Saner, Secretary.

Secretary's Report 5/5/16

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (533)
VACPN Spring Conference Business Meeting
May 5, 2016
Shrine Mont Retreat and Conference Center,
Orkney Springs, VA
Attendance: Jen Phelps, Coo-President; Crystal Hicks, Co-President; Sharon Daniels, Vice-President; LuAnn Saner, Secretary; Sonya Mohr, Treasurer; Michele Morgan, Social Media Specialist; Irma Mahone, CNE Coordinator.
Regional representatives:
Region 1 Rep: Nina Beaman
Region 2 Rep: Randy Acosta
Region 3 Rep: Patricia Crissman
Region 4 Rep: Lisa Babilon
Region 5 Rep: Joanne Archie
Conference Attendees
Jen made the call to order.

LuAnn presented the Secretary’s Report.

Sonya presented the Treasurer’s report. Following review, Sharon made a motion to accept, seconded by LuAnn.


Post-Conference Survey:
The plan is to have it posted immediately at the end of the spring conference. Answering the following questions will result in an awarding of 0.5 additional CNEs: “Is there anything that has changed about your practice as a result of attending the VACPN Spring Conference?”
Fall Conference Talking Points (Jen Phelps, Co-President):
Jen provided and solicited input for potential topics of interest to be covered:
·       Adapting EHR systems to meet Medicaid requirements (one person noted that
        theirs did not provide a capability to enter injection-related documentation)
·       Billing problems (Proposed by Region 4)
·       ICD 10 Codes (Proposed by Region 3)
·       Recent increase in mental health-related shootings (increasing security and
        mobile mock drills were proposed by Region 3; increased gun violence was     
        mentioned by Region 4)
·       Substance abuse issues (proposed by Region 3, who reported that they have
        not been observing the same treatment effectiveness with methadone as they
        have with Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone).
·       Recruiting nurses - still a struggle across the board for many CSBs.
·       Issues we might want to have presented at the next VACSB conference.

Jen reminded attendees that we have a VACPN web page and that all feedback received will be considered in planning the fall conference.
VACSB (Sharon Daniels, VACPN representative):
·       The fall VACSB conference is scheduled for October 7-9. Sharon is planning to
        attend. It will be held at the Doubletree Hotel in Charlottesville.
·       Sharon briefly discussed connections VACPN has to individuals on the
        Behavioral Health Advisory Council and the Substance Abuse Services Council,
        both of whom meet quarterly at the offices of the VACSB. These councils
        advise the governor, the general assembly, and the Virginia Department of 
        Behavioral Health and Departmental Services (DBHDS) on matters pertaining
        to behavioral health and substance abuse. She mentioned that Annie
        Whitaker,  who is a nurse, is a council member, as well as Dr. Cathy Tierney
        and Jennifer Johnson, LPC, who is the Director of Outpatient Psychiatric
        Services at Valley CSB.
·       Sharon advised that those interested in learning more about bills going before
        the general assembly that VACSB is watching can go to the VACSB website for
·       Sharon also mentioned that VACSB is good about acknowledging that VACPN
        has representation at its conference. Jen emphasized that we will try not to
        have VACPN conferences at the same time as VACSB conferences in order to
        ensure that the VACPN representative will not have to miss either one. The V
        VACSB spring conference is scheduled for the first week in May, which has
        traditionally been when VACPN has held their spring conference.
VA Board of Nursing (VBON) (Jen Phelps, Secretary VBON):
·       Jen relayed a humorous anecdote about meeting Virginia Secretary of Health
        William Hazel in which he acknowledged the day-to-day challenges she faces in
        her work by saying “You couldn’t pay me to do that job [PACT team].”
·       Jen shared that although Virginia offers advanced certification for CNAs, very
        few are choosing to pursue that path (<50 individuals).
·       Jen reported that the VBON is now getting over 2,000 calls per day pertaining
        to criminal background checks for nurses. The new classes of nurses that will 
        be graduating after January 1, 2016 will be going through fingerprinting and
        criminal background checks as a requirement for licensure.
·       Jen mentioned that a representative from WORKFORCE always comes to the
        VBON meetings, reporting that they provide a lot of good data that is helpful in
        predicting the future of nursing, and that they also discuss impairment issues.
·       VBON elections were held at the last meeting. Jen Phelps is the new secretary.
Legislative Coalition of Virginia Nurses (LCVN) Lisa Babilon, representative from VACPN):
·       There are currently no bills of particular interest before the general assembly.
Virginia Nurse Association (VNA) (Nina Beaman, representative from Virginia)
·       Nina reported that the top story in the current edition of thee ANA publication,
        “The American Nurse” is psychiatric nursing and invited anyone interested in
        reading it to see her.
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) (Joann Berkson)
·       Joann reported that there wasn’t anything really huge in the way of news at
        this time.
Social Media (Michele Morgan):
·       Michele shared that VACPN is trying to increase its activity on Facebook. There
        is a private group for members as well as a public page for anyone to "like."
        VACPN would like to be more active on Twitter.  Michele requested for
        members to let her know if there are any mental health-related activities that
        should be posted on the VACPN Facebook page.
Awards/Recognition (Jen Phelps):
·       VACPN wishes to continue to recognize CSBs that make effective use of social
        media to promote mental health awareness. The following five CSBs were
        recognized at the fall 2015 conference: Horizon Behavioral Health,
        Rappahannock Area CSB, New River Valley CSB, Valley CSB, and Richmond
        Behavioral Health Authority. New River Valley CSB has not yet received their
        award. Their communications person reported that they greatly appreciate it
        and regret not having been able to send a representative to the last fall
        conference. Sharon took the award for Valley CSB back with her after the
        conference and presented it to the Emergency Services worker who has
        stepped in the Communications role. She reported that he was very excited to
        receive the award and commended him for his work, sharing that he is very
        active in educating the community on the work of Valley CSB, actively reaching
        out to the offices of primary care physicians.
·       Social media is changing how we communicate. A lot of CSBs are now on I
        Instagram. Jen noted that Blue Ridge CSB has been doing a lot and that our
        goal is to reach out and connect with them.
Regional Rep Report (Allison O’Brien):
·       Region 1: Met in Charlottesville.
·       Region 2: No Report.
·       Region 3: No Report.
·       Region 4: Did not meet.
·       Region 5: Report below:
                o   They are in the process of getting Genoa Pharmacy on site.
                o   The Virginia Beach CSB has a nurse manager position available at
                     their Pathways Center.
                o   They discussed a distressing situation in which a med error occurred
                     recently that resulted in a report of abuse and neglect to Adult
                     Protective Services (APS). The error resulted in an individual receiving
                     an excessive dose of Haldol. An internal investigation occurred over a
                     week and a half, during which the individual did not receive any
                     additional Haldol. The nurse involved was very distraught and wanted
                     to transfer out of her program.
                o   Virginia Beach CSB will be getting Revive! Training. Trainers from
                     DBHDS will come to their sites to conduct the trainings. Naloxone will
                     be kept at the sites, for which the nurses will have to obtain
                     prescriptions from their physicians. It was also mentioned that
                     besides Naloxone, there is also a $1,000 nasal spray now. Also with
                     regard to Revive! Training, it was noted that the ‘Train the Trainer’
                     training is very quick and that we may wish to consider offering a
                     session on Thursday night of fall conference. It was pointed out that
                     we have someone coming to speak about opioids and this might be a
                     good tie-in. Nina added that this ought to be of considerable interest,
                     given that unintentional poisonings are the #1 causes of death in


Elections for Vice-President, CNE Coordinator, and Treasurer:
It was noted that by-laws allow officers to be re-elected to another term:
·       Jen reviewed the duties of the Vice-President as stated in the by-laws. Of
        special note, the Vice-President must attend all four VACSB meeting each year.
·       Sharon Daniels expressed interested in continuing as Vice-President. She
        stepped out the room. She was unanimously reelected, unopposed.
CNE Coordinator:
·       Irma opted not to run for reelection. Both Jen and Sharon acknowledged that
        this has been quite a large job that she has performed within this role.
·       Irma discussed the importance of having annual survey conducted by each of
        the regional reps, “We need to implement this. We want a more active role
        from the regional reps in determining conference topics.” She recommended
        that the executive committee would need to draw up a survey and then have
        each of the five regional reps complete it. She said that the person who does
        this should have a master’s degree and a background in education.
·       Nina asked how we might wish to clarify requirements for nomination,
        suggesting, “VACPN members in good standing” and posited the question “and
        ‘what’ degrees?”
·       Irma made a motion to verify the education requirements for CNE Coordinator
        that are set by ANCC, and then add this to the by-laws. The motion was
        seconded by LuAnn. The vote was unanimous. The motion will move forward.
·       Nina expressed interest in serving as CNE Coordinator. She stepped out of the
        room. She was unanimously elected, unopposed.
·       Jen reviewed the requirements from the by-laws.
·       Sonya expressed interest in continuing as treasurer. She stepped out of the
        room. She was unanimously elected, unopposed.
·       It was noted that we now have an active credit/debit card that others will be
        able to use, “officially” following the August 5, 2015 Executive Committee
Spring Conference:
·       Jen shared that there had been discussion among members of the Executive
        Committee to move the spring conference to thee last week in April. A motion
        was made by Kirk to hold the upcoming conference on April 26, 27, and 28,
        2017 or the alternate week April 19, 20, and 21, 2017, which LuAnn
        seconded.  The motion carried.
·       Jan Puffenberger of Rappahannock-Rapidan CSB researched a prospective site
        in Region 2 where we might hold the spring conference. She placed a call to
        Meadowkirk Retreat Center in the Middleburg/Leesburg area, which she said is
        ‘very pretty,' and she obtained some information. They only have 20
        hotel-type rooms but there is also on option to rent a house. The locale has
        hiking trails, a swimming pool, and stargazing apparatus for viewing night
        skies. Following discussion with the membership, it was agreed to allow the
        Executive Committee to move forward with booking Meadowkirk for the spring
        conference if additional information verifies that it will not be cost-prohibitive
        to attend. A deposit isn’t required until six months prior to the desired dates.
        Sharon emphasized that it is important to offer both ‘retreat only’ and ‘one at a
·       Jen requested that everyone invite their local CSBs to come have an
        information booth at our conferences. Let VACPN know if they are interested.
Fall Conference:
·       Fall conference is scheduled for November 3-4, 2016 at the Craddock Terry
        Hotel in Lynchburg, VA. The title of the conference will be “Leading Change in
        Nursing Practice.”
·       Jen mentioned that we want to reach out to Blue Ridge CSB to connect with
·       Proposed Topics/Speakers
             o   Nurse Administration: Trulia Minton
             o   NIMH: Susan Azrin (Jen will get information on her)
             o   David Cassise from Lynchburg Treatment Center: Naloxone
The Business meeting concluded with break outs into regional meetings
August 2016 Committee Meeting:
·       The next meeting of the executive committee will be held on Friday, August 5,
        2016, at Valley CSB.
Respectfully Submitted, LuAnn Saner, Secretary.

VACPN Treasurer's Report 9/30/16

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VACPN Treasurer’s Report
Submitted by Sonya Mohr, RN, VACPN Treasurer
DATE           COMMENT             EXPENSE             INCOME               BALANCE

5/2/16        Balance Forward                                                         $9414.15                                                                                            
5/2/16        Deposit                                           +90.00                $9504.15
5/3/16        Wal-Mart               -12.13                                           $9492.02                           (Folders)                                  
5/3/16        Michele Morgan      -35.37                                           $9456.65                     (Supplies)               
5/6/16        Jen Phelps           -146.93                                            $9309.72
5/13/16      Vistaprint               -32.94                                           $9276.78                                                                            
6/16/16      Vistaprint               -32.94                                           $9243.84                                                               
7/13/16      Craddock Terry     -737.10                                           $8506.74
                  (Fall Deposit)                                                                                             
7/13/16      ShrineMont         -6467.16                                           $2039.58
                  (Spring Conference)                                                                            
7/18/16      Vistaprint                -32.94                                          $2006.64                                                               
7/27/16       Deposit                                       +5727.06                $7733.70                   (Spring Conference)                                                                        
8/8/16         Jimmy John’s        -104.48                                          $7629.22                          (Executive Mtg.)                                      
8/9/16          VACSB                 -300.00                                         $7329.22                         (Sharon Daniels)                                        
8/16/16       Vistaprint                -32.94                                         $7296.28                                                             
9/15/16       Vistaprint                -32.94                                         $7263.34                                                                      

EMU article about Irma Mahone

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APNA Virginia Chapter Conference

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Registration has opened for the APNA Virginia Chapter Conference!

Suicide and Substance Use: Key Evidence and Strategies for Managing the Top Two Risks in Healthcare
Friday, August 11, 2017
Shenandoah University
Harry F. Byrd, Jr., School of Business
Halpin-Harrison Hall 
Winchester, VA

Keynote Speakers
Karen Vergano
RN, MS, PMHCNS, Diamond Health

  Laura G. Leahy
DrNP, APN, PMH-CNS/FNP, BC Master Clinician in Psychopharmacology,
Founder, APNSolutions, LLC 
This program is designed to meet the educational needs of all nursing specialties, related to valid tools for assessment of substance use and suicide prevention.

Bring your colleagues and friends.  There will be 6.0 contact hours of continuing education available for this event.

Please use this link to register: